Boho updos: the difference between a style appearing effortless and a style that’s about to fall out.

Romantic and bohemian styles are all the rage right now in wedding and prom hair. An influx in braids and ever so effortless tendrils are taking Pinterest and the like by storm. Why? The style evokes a carefree and timeless semblance. It’s a natural look that while currently trendy, will never really go out of style. It easily avoids the regret associated with the more severe looks of decades past (cough cough the 80’s) that may have you asking, “What was I thinking?”

Tips to spot the difference between free flowing and flimsy:

1.) Look for stability on the interior of the updo but softness on the outside.


2.) Bobby pins should be secure yet comfortable. Pain is no longer the only way to achieve beauty!


3.) Have a trial run with your stylist and wear your look for the rest of the night to see how it holds up after hours of wear.


4.) Twist and shout with a private dance party or go old school and jump on the bed to truly put that style to the test.


5.) Even if you don’t want a lot of volume, you’ll want plenty of interior teasing so those pins have something to grab hold of for security.


My favorite part of a wedding is always the dance party and bobby pins are the built in assistants that stay with you through the night so you can let your hair down on the dance floor without actually letting any hair slip!

Don’t just take my word for it though. Check out these testimonials from previous brides and these fun shots out on the dance floor!


“During my search for a hair stylist I found Julie on Instagram at first and fell in love with her boho braids and creative up-dos. I absolutely loved how my up-do turned out and received countless compliments. It was super windy on my wedding day and my hair stayed flawless through an outdoor ceremony and a night full of dancing.”-Gina

DaJo_0903_Wed  IMG_2728

“After my wedding (and the after parties) at 3am my friends were laughing because I literally looked the exact same as I did at 11am the day prior when I got my hair done by Julie–everything stayed in place and lasted the entire night…I didn’t even need to adjust one strand of hair with a bobby pin the entire time, which almost never happens.” -Erin


“The best part? My hair was done at 11am and my wedding went into the evening with an outdoor reception on the water and not a piece of hair was out of place the entire day!!” -Elisabeth

Amy & Paul-8638

“Julie is amazing at what she does and has a great personality, which is important considering you’ll spend all morning with your glam squad!  I could not have been happier on our wedding day. Plus, her updos stay all day and don’t hurt or feel tight. I didn’t know that was a thing with updos before this.” -Katie

To see the full reviews on Wedding Wire, click here ! I hope these hints have been helpful so you can know what to look for in your style for the big day. Be sure to check back regularly for new tips.

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